DEOL BIZ GROUP – Business Advisory & Property Development Wolverhampton

Our group has, at its heart, 40 years of experience of starting, growing, running, selling and disposing of businesses be they Limited Companies, Partnerships or Sole Traders.

We can help bring clear vision to the issues your business is facing, be it supplier, financial or HMRC pressure and the likelihood is that we have faced them ourselves at some stage, because running a business is not always easy.

Some business owners find it easier not to talk through the issues you are facing and either try and ‘trade out of it’ or ‘ignore it’, making the problem much worse and potentially putting everything you’ve worked for at risk.  This can then cause issues with your key staff, key customers, key creditors and affect relationships with family members.

We provide an ear to listen, understand and apply what we have learnt to try and offer solutions to your issues.

Initial consultations are confidential and free.  Once we understand the issues and come up with a solution all fees are agreed before you commit.

The DEOL BIZ GROUP includes –

Business Advisory

Deol Advisory Limited which specialises in those situations where more formal help is needed for our clients.

Property Development

Deol Developers Limited with a mix of commercial and residential units OWNED and MANAGED by ourselves

Deol Biz Group

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